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WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages

Split your cart into separate packages, with dedicated shipping configurations.

Issue with plugin

I chose “New feature request”, because I do not see mine in support plugins dropdown (WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages).

I have a problem with this plugin. I was trying to configure it to create a package if in cart there is some backorder products. I managed to do that with help of stock parameter in “Shipping package condition”, so full configuration of this package looks like this:

If Stock less or equal to 0 – create package,
than exclude all unnecessary dispatch methods,
and put all products in cart besides some products with “Collection Only” shipping class.

With this configuration everything works like a charm besides one critical error. Sometimes it executes at basket, if not it will execute after making an order. The problem is when plugin executes match_condition_stock method of ASPWC_Match_Conditions class. Code fragment:

foreach ( $package[‘contents’] as $item ) :

/** @var $product WC_Product */
$product = $item[‘data’];
$stock[] = $product->get_stock_quantity();


// Get lowest value
$min_stock = min( $stock ); – error

$stock array seems to empty and when min() function is executed on empty array fatal error shows up.

Could you help me to fix that? šŸ™‚

Kind Regards



Current Status


Last updated: January 31, 2023


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