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Gift Registry for WooCommerce

Allow your customers to create multiple gift registries and share with their friends and family so they buy gifts for the upcoming events.

Limited functionality, poor user experience, conflicts with all other plugins.

This is a poor registry plugin… 1. The plugin does not work alongside woocommerce. The registrant get’s told that their item has been bought before payment has even been completed which is incorrect. it should only be marked as bought once the item is in ‘processing’ which means payment was received. 2) the plugin causes conflicts with most other plugins; WP Rocket, Shoplentor, Elementor. 3) the plugin caused my site to slow down dramatically 4) there is no customisation for registrants. they can’t upload images to their avatars 5) there is no shortcode for the pages. so admin cannot even design the registry pages to work alongside the brand theme of the website. it’s all plain text. 6) support is delayed… it can take over 48 hours for support to get back to you via email.”.



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Last updated: May 29, 2023


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