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Linking a coupon code to different percentage of discount

It would be useful having the ability to link different percentage of discount (assigned to different products or categories) to the same coupon code. A single code will then trigger several discounts based on products added to cart.

Let’s assume to assign the discounts and coupon to the store products as shown below

SKU01 EUR 10 | discount -10% | COUPON-01
SKU02 EUR 15 | discount -20% | COUPON-01
SKU03 EUR 40 | discount -15% | COUPON-01
SKU04 EUR 85 | none | none

Add the products to the cart and insert the coupon code COUPON-01, the system will then apply the relative discounts,

SKU01 EUR 10 | -10% EURO 9
SKU02 EUR 15 | -20% EURO 12
SKU03 EUR 40 | -15% EURO 34
SKU04 EUR 85



Current Status


Last updated: January 31, 2023


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  1. ceiermann says:

    I just requested the same feature, expect that I would prefer to set a fix amount instead of percentage per product, category or product variation.

  2. busybooksaustralia says:

    We would love this to be an option