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The only payment solution fully integrated to Woo. Accept credit/debit cards and local payment options with no setup or monthly fees.

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From HomePolicy

when a customer signs up to my product in checkout page they push submit or sign up

the page then freezes for a bit before the 3d authentication comes up if 3d is needed

during the freeze you have no clue what is going on and it takes a long time

is there a way of adding a sort of egg timer or something to that page when it is processing the payment to indicate to the customer that something is happening behind the background

ie so they don’t refresh the page because they think there computer has frozen. I have wanted to refresh the page myself a couple of times when I have signed my self up because it does feel like the computer has frozen.

a timer would really help and you know something is happening



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Last updated: January 25, 2023


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