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Make Analytics interface more extensible

The current Analytics reports are great, but code-wise, they’re not very extensible.

For example, even the Woo Subscriptions plugin has yet to integrate with it (presumably they’re unable to right now).

Ideally, 3rd party developers should be able to extend this interface in many ways:

1. Easily add table columns with new data
2. Filter existing table column data
3. Add advanced filters
4. Add filter settings
5. Add new widgets (the data shown above the chart)
6. Add entirely new Analytics reports
7. Add new chart types other than line and bar
8. Add new periods other than day and week


Josh Kohlbach

Current Status


Last updated: January 31, 2024

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  1. shelles3 says:

    The suggested ways to improve the scalability of the interface are very relevant. By allowing developers to add new table columns, filter data, and introduce advanced filters, Analytics reports can become more powerful and tailored to specific geometry dash world needs. Additionally, the ability to add new widgets, create entirely new reports, and introduce different chart types and stages will greatly enhance the flexibility and usefulness of Analytics features.