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Missing Tax Compliance Feature

The issue – our state (Kansas) and I am sure others, require that the report that is submitted for reporting and compliance shows “Total Sales” per County as another line-item in the report. However, WooCommerce’s Analytics – Tax Report tool only shows – County, Rate, Total tax, Order tax, Shipping tax, Orders. There is no Column with the line-item that shows “Total Sales, Net Sales, or Gross Sales.

In order for my client to comply with State regulations, we have to now generate/export 105 counties (105 separate reports), just to pull this data by using the – WooCommerce – Analytics – Orders – Show Advanced Filters – Tax Rate – input each county 1 by one. Also when it is done this way, the downloaded/exported file does not contain the filter name for the county, so now we must also manually edit each download with the county’s name for reference.

It looks like from the WooCommerce – Analytics- Tax section, I can click on the County url/link and it auto-filters that data for me, which helps to get that data, but your team simply needs to display the “Gross/Net Sales” on that General Tax page for a Single Exported Report for an Accountant to take and report to the state.

Simply adding this 1 column/line-item from the data that is already there will help with tax reporting with that one report/download.

Can this be done ASAP, as it would benefit all 50 states of users in the US.



Current Status


Last updated: February 2, 2024


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