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WooCommerce Subscriptions

by  Woo
Let customers subscribe to your products or services and pay on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Multiple Subscription Handling / Management (USE CASES that should work)


General Precondition: All Subscriptions where payed and delivered on fixed dates in a month (to save shipping costs)

Precondition: User has orderd 2 Subscriptions of different Coffee Beans.
USE CASE 1: User now wants to cancel only one “Subscription Item”
Current result: Not Possible, he hast to cancel the whole Subscription Bundle as a whole
Expected Result: He can cancel single Items within the Subscription Bundle

Precondition: There are Subscriptions with “expires after x month” mixed with Subscriptions withour expiration date
USE CASE 2: User wants to order 1 SUbscription that expires after 3 month, and one Subscription that doeasnt expire
Current result: 2 Subscriptions are created leading to 2 Orders, leading to 2x Shipping Costs
Expected Result: Subscriptions where still bundeld in on order, but the subscription with the expiration date will be automatically removed when expired.

Precondition: User has on or more running Subscriptions, Subscriptions are delivered on the same day / month
USE CASE 3: User wants to add another Subscription
Current Result: This will lead to another seperate Subscription, leading to a seperate Orders, leading to 2x shipping costs
Expected Result: If there would be something like a “Sync Delivery Date” (like sync payment dates) the new Subscription could be added to the same Delivery Date Bundle

Precondition: Automate Woo changed the Delivery Items on Recurring oders (via Payment count) (e.g. for sending different Items / Issues each month)
USE CASE 4: Shop Owner wants to send different Items each Month, depending on the Payment Count of the Subscription
Current Result: Since the Payment Count is based on the Subscription this is getting impossible when combining with USE-CASE 3. If USE Case 3 would be possible, any added new Subscription would not be recognized as new anymore since the Payment Counter of the wrapping Subscription is most probably > 1
Expected Result: This may still be possible, if the Payment Counter could be Subscription-Item based, not based on the wrapping subscription together


Current Status


Last updated: January 13, 2022


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