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Avalara AvaTax

Automate tax compliance for your WooCommerce store. From sales tax calculation and tax returns to exempt sales and more.

Notify of plugin updates via WordPress Admin Dashboard

I just found out that there have been 11 plugin updates since we originally signed up for Avalara and configured the AvaTax plugin (for WooCommerce) just a little over a year ago. I only discovered this because are having an issue with the Colorado Retail Delivery Fee and contacted Avalara for help. Originally we were told by the Avalara support rep we spoke with that it was a WooCommerce functionality and that we needed to contact WooCommerce to fix the issue – which is incorrect. I did some more research and confirmed that it was the Avalara plugin that was adding the Colorado Retail Delivery Fee and therefore it was Avalara that needed to resolve the issue. After reaching out to Avalara again, the Avalara rep then said that they assigned Avalara Support case #24237491 to the research team and said we’d receive follow-up within 2 business days. We haven’t yet heard from the Avalara research team, but I now realize that a lot of time and frustration could have been avoided had we been made aware that there had been several updates to the Avalara AvaTax plugin – one of which was to address the exact issue we are having. For other WordPress plugins, whenever there is an update to the plugin, we are notified in our WordPress Dashboard that there is an update available. This is not happening with the Avalara AvaTax plugin, which has caused us to miss 11 updates that we were completely unaware of. Currently, the only way to find out if there’s been an update is to go to the plugin page (at, open up the “Details and Compatibility” tab in the sidebar, and then click on the “version history” link. I have never had to go through that much digging to find whether there’s been an update to a plugin. Please make the necessary updates so that WordPress users will be notified when there is an update available and be able to update the plugin directly from the WordPress Admin Dashboard. I am happy to provide screenshots if it would be helpful. Contact me at



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Last updated: September 26, 2023


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