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Open/Close Dates and Time Duration

Considering Classroom Educators: Allow teacher to set a date on which the test/quiz will be available and a deadline to complete the test. Also, allow teacher to set a length of time to complete. This would be more suited for educators who meet up with their students so their lessons are live. Having the testing and scoring completed online would be terrific.


Current Status


Last updated: May 26, 2013


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  1. ruangstudycom says:

    Incorporating Flexibility for Classroom Educators: I believe it would be highly beneficial to provide teachers with the ability to establish both the availability and deadline for tests/quizzes, along with a designated time frame for completion. This feature particularly caters to educators who conduct real-time lessons with their students. By facilitating online test administration and automated scoring, we can further streamline the teaching process. This enhancement not only empowers educators but also contributes to a more efficient and effective educational environment. Best regards,

  2. Hellon Wood says:

    This would be more appropriate for educators who meet with their pupils in person to deliver live courses. It would be fantastic if the testing and scoring could be done online. Regards,