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Option to select description – short or standard

please add option to select short description. Now only standard is available. 🙁


Current Status


Last updated: June 11, 2021


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  1. sukafia says:

    Hi everyone, if you prefer to use the short description you can achieve it by adding this code snippet to your site.

  2. nicolesy says:

    Please add this feature! I also use Avada and cannot get the listings to work without a description.

  3. Will Eaton says:

    ‘+1 for this as there is also a compatibility with using Avada builder for the product description on simple products.

    Variable products are fine as they have their own “description” fields.

  4. Angel Daniel Medina NĂșñez says:

    ‘+1 for “Google Listings & Ads” plugin

  5. Mark Ross says:

    I second this request – every product on our site uses the short description only, so we’re seeing most of our products rejected during sync because of the “blank” description.

    Also, it seems the products which have been successfully synced are variable products which have an entry in each variation description (which we only use for extra variation-specific information in addition to the product’s overall short description). Ideally we’d like a setting when syncing variable products to combine the short description with the variation description.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please add this feature for the “Google Listings & Ads” plugin

  7. Mike Saunders says:

    This is in fact quite a critical feature request. Gutenberg blocks or other visual composer plugins using shortcodes parse the shortcodes into the product feed. Will have to resort to manually uploading or using a different plugin for now.