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Option to select “google_product_category” and edit Content API feed

Currently the feed that gets synced using Content API to the Google Merchant Center is showing up the product descriptions with all the WordPress shortcodes, for example:

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It would be great if we could edit or override the product data that gets synced over to the Merchant Center so that product details show accurately.

Also, it automatically selects a product category because I can’t provide the correct product category.
I contacted Google about this, and they said I’d need to provide a category for “google _ product _ category” which I can’t find anywhere in the Plugin settings.


Current Status


Last updated: June 24, 2021


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  1. Andrew Wood says:

    This can be mapped using the attributes mapping, but its clunky as hell …

  2. DARIKAMI says:

    “google_product_category” is crucial. Please fix this urgently. Can´t be that complicated, as the option is available in Facebook plugin already.
    Thans in advance. Please don’t wait another year….

  3. vininaturaliditoscana says:

    Someting changed? Is seems it’s still impossibile to set up google_product_category and other google shopping fileds

  4. Alwin Roosen says:

    Being able to correct google and set the google_product_category is crucial. At the moment quite a lot of products are put into incorrect categories

  5. OC Dumbos says:

    Has this been fixed, yet? All of my products are being put into the wrong categories!

  6. Peter Carruthers says:

    I do currently use this plugin but without the ability to edit the “google_product_category” it does not work and my products continually get rejected by Google. I do also use the “Facebook for Woo Commerce” plugin and that does have the ability to add the “google_product_category”. Hopefully this will get fixed.