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Order attribution should include Google Ads utm terms

Currently if the origin is Google Ads, the order attribution doesn’t mark the Source type, Campaign and Medium properly (per utm attributes in the url).

Instead, Order attribution currently uses hardcoded details:
Source type: utm
Campaign: google_cpc
Source: google
Medium: cpc

Order attribution should always store the utm-parameters defined in the url if those exists, no matter the source.




Current Status


Last updated: April 5, 2024


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  1. Gary Murray says:
    Product Developer April 22, 2024 7:53 am

    If there is only a gclid param in the url it will give you the results as per your screenshot:
    – Traffic type: utm
    – utm_source: google
    – utm_medium: cpc
    – utm_campaign: google_cpc
    – utm_content: (none)
    – utm_term: (none)
    – utm_id: (none)

    However, if you define custom utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign in the url – for example: gclid=abc123&utm_source=CUSTOM_SOURCE&utm_medium=CUSTOM_MEDIUM&utm_campaign=CUSTOM_CAMPAIGN&utm_term=CUSTOM_TERM&utm_id=CUSTOM_ID will correctly capture the custom UTM.

  2. nikoviitala says:

    In addition to this, it would be beneficial to see the data from utm_content and utm_term, which aren’t currently included in the Order attribution data.