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Save time with automated sync between WooCommerce and your Xero account.

Pass Stripe fees from WooCommerce to Xero

What I expected
The expectation is for the order Stripe Fee to be recorded in Xero without needing to connect Stripe to Xero apart from WooCommerce.

What happened instead
The order Stripe Fee (#) does not appear to be passed from WooCommerce to Xero within the Xero’s Chat of Accounts page.

Screenshot Link:

It would be beneficial if we can create a condition that recognizes the Stripe plugin as activated and allows users to attach Stripe Fees to an account using the settings under WooCommerce > Xero.

For now, you can use the Stripe to Xero connection: Stripe to Xero:


Current Status


Last updated: June 18, 2018


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  1. emc2online says:

    This need to be added ASAP! please add it

  2. Claire Chabrieres says:

    I have recently moved to Woocommerce from Shopify and it has been the biggest mistake I’ve ever made – I am doing so much more manual work than I have ever done. I didn’t even consider this would be an issue, as it it obvious people need to recognise the stipe fees in their accounts

  3. trishdonoghue99 says:

    Is there any update on the progress of this open ticket???

  4. trishdonoghue99 says:

    Dear all, just got an email that the price of the Woocommerce subscription is increasing at beginning of 15 June. I don’t mind paying for a product which provide a sound service and watching this ticket closly as like everyone below we are incurring a large cost on manual labour to adjust these stripes fees in Xero.

    Do we have an indication on the time when this update will be ready?

  5. Peter says:

    You can get this feature in Xeroom which I have spent 10 years developing.

  6. josehmathesonfbe30c4f5c says:

    I am looking at purchasing this product but have not done so yet due to the issues raised in this thread. As a solution to the problem wouldnt the issue be resolved by using the xero stripe plugin along with the woocommece stripe plugin? or am i missing something…

  7. nickgrm says:

    Has anyone got a viable workaround to create the Stripe fees in Xero?

    The best I have so far is to get the WooCommerce for Zapier plugin plus a paid Zapier account. Then create a zap that runs on new orders to create a bill equal to the Stripe fee (note this needs a multistep zap using the code function so can’t use the free version!). But annual cost for this is at least another US$300 on top of the $79 for this plugin.

  8. vitalorigin says:

    Also desperately looking for this feature – quite suprising this isn’t included, why would we want to manually enter this with every order??

  9. cgbiodanza says:

    Same as everyone else here, I cannot reconcile my books without the Stripe fees.
    I contracted a developer to create a webhook for this – its turning out to be not cheap though.

    I really don’t have an option as I’m spending quite a lot with a bookeeper to data enter this manually.

  10. mike v says:

    Its May 2022 and this is still happening! Its such a rip off considering you have to pay $79 a year for woocommerce to integrate with xero, just for a gross figure to be put in. I spoke to woocommerce who said it was to keep it simple to understand… what a rubbish response! Then had the audacity to say to put in a request to the ideas section on woocommerce for the developers to maybe* look at it if it is a majority request. How does this make accounting in any way easy, or automated. Its so bad. DONT USE WOOCOMMERCE PLUGIN. Just use stripe on its own its way better and actually includes fees!

  11. Algis Gasperas says:

    As this is not a feature we have to manually go into every invoice created after making a WooCommerce sale, remove the paid status, edit the invoice to include the Stripe fees and them reinstate the paid status. This is far too manual a process for an ecommerce/invoicing system integration.

  12. Darren E Cowlet says:

    Absolutely essential for this plugin to have any value!

  13. Jennifer Reynolds says:

    Hey John Coy, you have shared the great idea on passing stripe fee from WooCommerce to Xero. Loved it!

  14. Harry Finn says:

    We have had this specific feature requested by several clients now, would be really helpful to have this option available within the plugin or via a hook/action/filter etc to pass across to Xero as additional fee items

  15. Janis Krigens says:

    It seems crazy that the fees are not passed on to xero as expenses and have to be added manually to reconcile the transactions! This feature is a must for this plugin!

  16. Vivienne Wells says:

    Is this STILL not sorted? Its been going on for years according to the thread. Yes, we’ve connected Stripe to Xero and put in the bank fees code for the account but we still get an invoice with the gross amount and have manually to then add the fee to each invoice otherwise Xero doesn’t recognise which payment matches the invoice. As an integration that’s supposed to save you work its about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

  17. Anon says:

    I too have been going around in circles trying to get the Stripe fees to appear in Xero. The Xero Support team have been less than useless, pretty much implying that I am the only person in the world trying to connect WooCommerce with Xero.
    Glad I found this thread and am not alone as Xero would have me think.

  18. Mert says:

    I too was surprised this doesn’t work, since it gives you the option to add a Xero Account Code but it does nothing with it. I suppose a work around is to download the monthly invoice from Stripe and put the lump sum as a Direct Costs expense at the end of each month.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Also looking for this.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I agree we need this badly as there is no way to pass these fees into xero from woocommerce

  21. Thomas Martin-Wells says:

    Fixing this issue would really benefit the integration. as it stands currently it just creates needless work and confusion for the accountants and it can lead to duplicated sales revenue by reconciliation errors.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone found a fix to this? Assume it hasn’t been added to the plugin as it still doesn’t give me the option?

  23. Anonymous says:

    I agree. WooCommerce already has an API connection to Stripe. It should report the Stripe fees for each order to Xero so that they can automatically be recorded in a corresponding Xero expense account.