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Accept all major debit and credit cards as well as local payment methods with Stripe.

Payment Request Button (Google/Apple Pay) positioning options

‘We’re looking to adopt the use of the payment request buttons on our WooCommerce store, alongside Paypal Checkout and Stripe as a regular Debit/Credit Card processor. I imagine this is a fairly common use case.

As it stands, the order of buttons at the checkout is less than ideal. From top to bottom:
– Payment Request Button
– Proceed to Checkout (Native Woo)
– Paypal Checkout

I think it would be beneficial to have more granular control over the exact order, potentially by grouping the “express checkout” methods together so it is instead laid out by:
– Proceed to checkout (Native Woo)
– Paypal Checkout
– Payment Request Button

Something more unique to us is that we are using the Basel theme which includes a mini-cart that appears throughout the site and provides an cart summary, with direct buttons to the cart, checkout and Paypal Checkout. We’d like the Payment request button to appear in this mini-cart, but I can’t see that the plugin has the tools in place for us to do this.


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Last updated: February 15, 2021


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