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Transform fundraising activities with Donation For WooCommerce. Using features like recurring payments progress. 

Percentage of Product (not at checkout)

I looked into the extension “donation woocommerce” but it doesn’t seem to have the idea I need, and I’ve seen its been asked around in the wordpress community too, they suggested your extension or to talk to support.

But here’s the feature idea submission in detailed

I want the buyer to see on the shop page (list of all products) a summary of total funds raised, and when they click into it they can see it under the product description or under the product image.

I know you have the option right now to allow users to donate on top of existing products they add to the checkout, that is not what I need. I want to create specific products and partner with charities for that product, and providing them the profit/proceeds generated from that. On that product product it would show the option of a flat dollar amount or percentage of what is being sent to the charity when the campaign is completed, plus the total LIVE total raised funds that is accurately updated when an order is completed instantly (kind of a like a live counter), with end date of that campaign would be ideal to include to be seen (count down counter).

Would this be possible with this extension?



Current Status


Last updated: December 18, 2022


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