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Pinterest for WooCommerce

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Get your products in front of Pinterest users searching for ideas and things to buy. Connect your WooCommerce store to make your entire catalog browsable.

Pinterest for WooCommerce should have a way to set a default product Condition (e.g. New) rather than having to set each existing product ma

If you have a large existing catalog, setting the Condition of each product one at a time take a very long time to do. If would be great if there were a way to set a default Condition for products that were used. For example, my store only sells New products, so all products should have a Condition of New unless I specify otherwise.


Current Status


Last updated: February 25, 2022


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  1. mrricocarter says:

    I do agree that it takes a very long time to set the Condition of each product one at a time when you have a vast existing inventory. Please fix this plugin or we’ll have to manually install and set up Pinterest and Woo, which is something we’d prefer avoid doing. I really need it for my website

  2. alx359 says:

    This can be done easily with a bulk editor. There are a few in the WP repository. I personally use the one from WPMelon.

  3. paytonkutch64 says:

    Please make “new” the default condition, as it is inconvenient to have to change it for every product. We’d rather not have to install and configure Pinterest and Woo manually, so please fix this plugin or we’ll have to do so. geometry dash

  4. vane31256 says:

    Yeah it would be awesome! Please update.

  5. Mike Lavdanitis says:

    please set default condition to new, its annoying that we must each product to be manually set to new. fix it or just abandon this plugin so not needed to install and prepare all pinterest and woo setting and then we need to add it manually