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Plugin for publishing list of members on frontend

‘Like me, many WooCommerce Memberships users might have a wish to publish a list of members of a specific membership on the frontend of their site. A plugin like Members List Pro does this, but not only is it non-compatible with the memberships lists – it conflicts with it and therefore it isn’t usable.
In our case, we have team of coaches that gets their specific info through a membership on our site. We’d also like to publish a list of them, so website visitors can find their coach. But so far, there doesn’t seem to be a plugin that can do this for us. Specs we’d need/like:
– Publishing a list of members of a specific list on our website
Visitors can search them (choice of search options, preferably adjustable)
– Adjustable which info can be shown in list / on map
– Members can decide to turn off display of their info (to comply with privacy as well)
– Google map displays members based on ZIP code or address (not geolocation, since this is A LOT OF WORK to look up for each member)

In fact, just about everything that Members List Pro offers, but then integrated with WooCommerce Memberships instead of conflicting with it. 😉


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Last updated: July 2, 2018


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