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Measurement Price Calculator

Add a calculator to your product pages to calculate product quantity required or overall price by square footage and more.

Problem with plugin

Hi, I purchased the WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator plugin from under the GNU GPL license. I installed it on an elementor and elementor pro site (both version 3.14.1) along with your plugin version 3.22.0. When I was building the page on the earlier version of elementor pro everything worked. Now, however, when the site is updated to the latest version, the plugin does not function properly. In the administration panel, I can set functionalities, and from the user’s side, the plugin does not calculate at all. I do not know where to write to you, so please redirect me to the appropriate section.

The problem concerns the website – if necessary, I will send access to the website for analysis.

Mariusz Wozniak

Please kontakt to me at mail:




Current Status


Last updated: July 25, 2023


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