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Product Bundles

by  Woo
Offer personalized product bundles, bulk discount packages, and assembled products.

Product Bundles

This request regards Bundle-sells ‘Supported product types: Simple, Simple subscription.’

We can’t understand why Product Variations (where post_type = ‘product_variation’) are unsupported.

In class ‘WC_PB_BS_Product’, get_unsupported_product_types() defines the unsupported product types as ‘bundle’, ‘grouped’ and ‘external’; and then get_bundle_sell_ids() defines supported types as ‘simple’ and ‘subscription’. The Product Variations we are dealing with are generally defined by discrete sizes (eg. 250ml, 1L, 5L) rather than color or volume, and there are good reasons to match particular sizes (individual Product Variations) to other products as bundle-sells. There are also good reasons why we cannot spin each of the Product Variations out into Simple Products.

It appears that Product Variations are nonetheless (partially) considered in class ‘WC_PB_BS_Cart’. It seems planned or possible to modify the plugin to allow Product Variations as Linked Products -> Bundle-sells. All the data of a Simple Product is present in a Product Variation. If necessary, each Product Variation could simply inherit the main image from the parent (Variable Product).

Allowing Product Variations would greatly improve the utility of the Bundle-sell functionality on large eCommerce client stores (i.e. 1500+ simple products, 500+ product variations).

We would be happy to provide further clarification or definition of use-case compromises.



Current Status


Last updated: June 14, 2023


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