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Google Listings & Ads for WooCommerce

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Reach millions of engaged shoppers with Google Ads. Drive more sales with Performance Max, sync your products to Google Merchant Center, and turn more shoppers into customers.

Product Size Variations Synced as seperate product on merchant Center


I have connected this Google Listing & Ads plugin to my WooCommerce Store and the Size Variations of each product are Synced as separate products on the merchant Center as expected behavior as mentioned on docs here:

I have a product which has 10 size variations in my store. it is showing me the 10 product copies of the same product in the merchant center.

Which I guess is a problem because if 1 size variation of a product is ranking on Google out of 10 total sizes of that product. The user will be able to see only that specific size of that product and if a user wants to see other sizes of that product, he needs to go to other listings of that product because all sizes are listed separately.

This is not a good user experience for the customer and it is a critical feature for a business. Please add this in the next update or there is no benefit of using this plugin for the stores having variable products.




Current Status


Last updated: July 9, 2024


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