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by  Woo
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Product Vendor improvements

The vendor portal is really long-winded to use, meaning that our vendors just don’t use it. Issues include:

1. Not being able to filter / sort by “Fulfilled” orders (which means mistakes and missed orders)
2. Having each product listed on the main page, as opposed to simply listing the orders and having each product listed only once that order # has been clicked (again, meaning mistakes and missed orders)
3. Poor UI
4. Multi-step process – ideally, vendors should be able to click “Mark Order As Fulfilled” and then a pop up prompts them to ‘Add A Customer Note’ to input the tracking details.
5. Reinstate the ability to bulk edit (but keep the Categories out of use)

The ideal process would be:

1. Main pages lists orders, rather than products in each order.
2. Vendor clicks on order, whereby all the relevant info is displayed (i.e. shipping address, products, quantities etc.)
3. Vendor clicks “Mark Order As Fulfilled” and a pop up prompts them to input the tracking details (Courier Name & Tracking Number) – there should also be a tick box that allows the vendor to mark ‘No tracking’
4. Email is automatically generated to the billing email address on file that says:

“Hi [ Billing First Name ],

Thanks for your order!

[ Vendor name ] has now sent out [ Product Name ], [ Product Name ], [ Product Name ]. It should be with you very soon – it will be delivered by [ Courier Name ] and your tracking number is [ Tracking Number ]. (If ‘No Tracking’ is ticked, then “- it will be delivered by…” should not appear on the message)

Speak soon,


Current Status


Last updated: February 6, 2021


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