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Store Credit for WooCommerce

Provide Store Credit coupons that are redeemable at checkout. Send credit to your customers to use it in future purchases or allow them to gift credit to someone.

refund should delete the purchased store voucher

I have set up a “gift card” product, with the product type of Store Credit.

If I refund the order the order where the gift card product was purchased, no change is made to the actual voucher.

So the customer would get their money refunded, and their voucher code would still be valid for use.

I don’t know enough about the system to say specifically what should happen.

If the voucher still has its full value unredeemed then it should be either deleted or zeroed out.

If the voucher is partially used then its more complicated, and I don’t know what options you have available.

Perhaps adding a warning notice so the admin doesn’t refund more then is remaining, but certainly prevent the user from spending the rest of the voucher.



Current Status


Last updated: November 29, 2023


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