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Refunding Order, ticket remains


If someone refunds an order the ticket remains. There’s no way of knowing by searching or editing tickets that a ticket has actually been refunded, thus can’t be “mark as attended”.

There are 2 refund scenarios:

1. Full order refund, refund all tickets on an order.
2. Partial order refund, refund select tickets on an order.

It would be ideal if:

1. When doing a full refund of an order, automatically move the ticket to the trash*.
2. When doing a partial refund on an order with more than one ticket, give the ability to select which ticket(s) should be refunded, then automatically move those tickets to the trash*.

*It could be cleaner, rather than moving a ticket to the “trash” to create a “Refunded” category for tickets. This category should not be displayed in the All tickets search.


Current Status


Last updated: August 14, 2017


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