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Removal/Control of Multi-Currency Banner

Please could we have better control of the currency switching banner, which is currently displayed when we activate automatic currency switching by geographic location:

Woo > Settings > Multi-Currency tab > Store Settings > Auto switch customers to their local currency…

Many sites already require mandatory cookie consent popups, so having to dismiss a second popup for multi currency creates a very poor UX.

Here are some ways that this could be resolved:

a) An option to disable the banner entirely.
b) An option to disable the banner on specific pages, such as the home page or any page that is a child of a specified endpoint/subdir etc.
d) An option to limit the banner to Woo payment pages, such as the cart and checkout only.
e) Use on-page notifications instead, For example on the cart page in the place where the ‘your cart is empty’ message is displayed (see attachment).




Current Status


Last updated: March 9, 2023


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  1. aeroxgreen says:

    I need this too. Surely a simple thing?

  2. ethan793966633 says:

    apparantely this fixes it

    .woocommerce-store-notice, p.demo_store{
    display: none !important;

  3. mgabriel2865ba706b63e0 says:

    Please remove this ASAP. Thank you!

  4. edenfinley says:

    Wish they’d do something on this! It’s such a pain to deal with. Is there some specific difficulty in why this hasn’t been actioned?

  5. Ben Jamin says:

    Yes please remove this notice, it completely replaces the other WC store notice banner and is not useful. thanks

  6. henripires6 says:

    It seems like this issue has been going on for years and It’s a shame that woocommerce does not seem to care about it

  7. Shaspo says:

    Yes, please implement this. It cant be that involved.

  8. sammit01 says:

    We need this for sure. Should be able to disable it. also editing the wording of it aswell. It’s such a long sentence currently.