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Remove currency from prices in various places

In the United States, we ALWAYS use prices like this: $12.97, and we NEVER use prices like this: $12.97 USD.

However, Woocommerce Payments prints the USD after price on customer receipt, order thankyou page, and in the admin backend.

I believe this is a serious cultural faux-pas that makes customers uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable just seeing it in the order admin area. I understand in Europe why it makes sense to use currency after price, but in the US it does not, and based on my understanding of the code, there is no way to remove the “USD” as described above via template files, css, or anything short of editing the code.

I would be happy with either an option to turn off currency display, or a function or filter for functions.php that will accomplish that task.

I understand Woocommerce may be based in the UK and people are used to prices with currency delineation as a matter of course, but as I said, we NEVER do this in the US and this is serious enough to have me searching for alternate plugins/platforms.


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Last updated: November 30, 2021


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