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Remove the option to send a gift coupon to yourself.

Remove the option to send a gift coupon to yourself.

On the checkout page gifting automatically defaults to send the coupon/voucher to the user rather than send to someone else.

This doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you buy a gift to send to yourself? You are much more likely to send it to someone else. We would actually prefer to remove the option of sending it to yourself altogether (perhaps in settings). The reason is that when the gift is bought it automatically restricts the use of the coupon to the person buying it by restricting the use to their email address.

This means that once you send the coupon to yourself you cannot send the coupon to someone else to use as a gift.

As a result, we keep having to manually change the email address on the gift voucher/coupon when a customer does this and contacts us to say the coupon doesn’t work.


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Last updated: March 3, 2022


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