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Shipment Tracking

by  Woo
Add shipment tracking information to your orders.

scan shipment tracking number with mobile phone camera to woo commerce app

Ability to scan tracking number from parcel label on mobile phone directly into the tracking information on Woocommerce app rather than having to type this in manually. This has been around before in other ecommerce sites we’ve run, but sadly can’t find anything on woocommerce that could do this, would save so much time and be much more accurate than mistyping information


Current Status


Last updated: November 21, 2021


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  1. Navy Uniforms says:

    Are there any updates for this feature?

  2. icluey says:

    Long time shopify and now Woo and I am shocked this is not a feature. I found it crazy I had to buy the shipping plugin and it does not have a scanning feature?

  3. logozuu says:

    My client regards this as a showstopper. It was the one single feature on Shopify that kept her there. I convinced her to go with Woocommerce for more functionality.

    I’ve probably got about two months before she goes bananas at having to type in the extraordinarily long tracking number into each order.

    If that’s the case then I will need to fix her Shopify site with customisation the best I can.

    If you value her and me as her website designer, please add this functionality ASAP. It’s been way over a year since this was requested. We would all be happy to pay a bit more for this plug-in.

    If Shopify’s crap development system can do this, I don’t why it’s so hard for Woocommerce.