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WooCommerce Shipping

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Print USPS and DHL labels right from your WooCommerce dashboard and instantly save on shipping. WooCommerce Shipping is free to use and saves you time and money.

Select which products are being shipped

For orders that contain a mix of products to be shipped by me and by a third-party drop-shipper, it would be useful to be able to exclude the third-party items from the shipping label and customs form.

For example, a customer buys a hat (to be fulfilled by me) and a T-shirt (to be fulfilled by Printful). If I go to create a shipping label, currently there is no way to exclude the T-shirt from the label.


Current Status


Last updated: May 4, 2020

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  1. thefixmyspeakers says:

    I disagree. It’s important to include all items on the shipping label and customs form for accuracy and transparency. Excluding third-party items could lead to confusion during shipping and customs clearance for business. Instead, consider providing clear communication to customers about the fulfillment process and potential delays for items shipped separately. Additionally, you could explore options to consolidate shipments or streamline the fulfillment process to improve efficiency without compromising accuracy.