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Send email notification when a user changes their address please

This feature would be very important to merchants who sell subscriptions to physical products which must be mailed on a regular basis (like our newspapers). Currently, when a subscriber goes in to their account and changes their address, there is no way for us to know this has been done without going through every account at each weekly mailing (not at all feasible, especially for sellers with large subscriber lists.) We need to get an email notifying us that there has been an update, showing the old address and new address. As discussed in support chat, this feature might be useful for any woocommerce site, but ESPECIALLY for subscriptions, as if a regular (non-subscription) purchase is made, it will always show the newest address on the order, but not so for a periodic sending of a subscription that changes BETWEEN orders. Thank you for considering this request.



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Last updated: February 23, 2024


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