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WooCommerce Shipping

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Print USPS and DHL labels right from your WooCommerce dashboard and instantly save on shipping. WooCommerce Shipping is free to use and saves you time and money.

Shipment Tracking added to Admin Columns or more detailed reporting

There needs to be a more user-friendly way of viewing all shipping tracking numbers and their current status. The current setup requires you to go into order details, then click on the tracking number to be taken to the shipping method (i.e. USPS) website.

Either the ability to add a Tracking Number Column to the Orders Admin screen. Or a more in-depth Shipping Labels report that shows actual tracking number and/or status (in-transit, out for delivery, delivered)


Current Status


Last updated: June 26, 2020

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  1. thbc says:

    This is needed like asap. Currently we have to install yet another plugin to have a feature that should be in the core. Since WooCommerce is already pulling requests from USPS API, it should be able to put info in the current Shipment Tracking metabox.

    Should be able to add actions->update_shipment_data which should include things like tracking_event_status; tracking_events; tracking_destination_events; status_date; last_event_time; est_delivery_date