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Wholesale For WooCommerce

Wholesale for WooCommerce is the most advanced WooCommerce B2B e-commerce solution for running a hybrid wholesale B2B + B2C store.

simple wholesale access via code/password not needing to setup account

The feature would allow for simple wholesale access via code/password not needing to setup account.

Some users don’t want an account and would prefer to checkout at a guest level for speedy re ordering. We currently have a lot of customers that are used to logging into a second website via a simple four digit passcode once on the website they can see all the product listings at wholesale price. The problem is we have to keep track of product listings on two websites vs one. This single code would allow customers to make the transition and perhaps eventually setup and account if they had the time but it also wouldn’t deter the existing customer base from re ordering because they now have to setup and account.

The feature could have a widget that could be placed on the website or on a page of the website where when a user typed in a code it would unlock and show the wholesale pricing of the product listings. the feature could be similar to age gate where it would remember the user via ip address or browser cookies for “x” number of days programmed on the backend by the website owner



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Last updated: May 19, 2023


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