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Specify which other coupons it can be combined

When we create a coupon we would like to be able to specify which other coupons it can be combined with but currently, the only option we appear to have is to either check or uncheck the setting that states “for individual use only”.



Current Status


Last updated: April 11, 2023


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  1. sadievaleri says:

    This is something that would be very helpful for us! We offer a free product and it would be an asset to the plugin to have this feature, so that customers can apply a coupon to an order that contains the free product, but cannot combine similar coupons and apply massive discounts to their cart as well. Thanks for considering adding this feature!

  2. wahban says:

    That’s would be a great option, in my case I have an auto applied coupon that gives free samples, and want it to be applied with any order, but this mean it wouldn’t work with “for individual use only” coupons,