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Square Gift Card and Preorder compatibility

It’s great to have Square gift cards finally working on Woocommerce. My shop also uses the Woocommerce Preorders extension, though, and when recently inquiring about how post-paid preorders and gift cards interact, I was told that the option to accept gift cards when a customer purchases a “charge upon release” preorder was actually a bug and would soon be removed. It would be really, really useful for my customers if we could accept gift cards on preorders. Either of these implementations would work for us:

1) When the order is charged upon release, it could try to take as much as possible from the gift card first (perhaps to a maximum of whatever threshold the customer selects), then charge the difference to their credit card.

2) The gift card portion of a preorder could be charged up front, and any remainder could be automatically charged to the customer’s card upon release.

The only thing that definitely wouldn’t work would be allowing the customer to select a specific amount for the gift card up front, but trying to charge that upon release, because it’s wildly unlikely that most customers would remember to hold at least that much credit on their gift card. If they have to select a specific amount, the gift card should just get charged up front.



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Last updated: November 15, 2023


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