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Stacked Coupons (simulate DIME SALES)

Would be great to have: stacked coupons or Dime-sales to be built in to your plugin. I cannot find a single marketing or sales plugin or coupon plugin that has this feature.

“Dime sales” are defined here:

What I thought you could do is extend the definition to a special dime-sale coupon… a single coupon that offers “dime sale” approach (ie: reduction in discount until coupon is all used up).

The other (probably more appealing way) is to allow me to build “stacked coupons”….

1. Coupon A is 50% off, and is available for the first 10 sales or until date/time expiry.
2. WHEN Coupon A is sold out OR expires, then Coupon B automatically becomes available and is 45% off for the next 15 sales or date/time expiry.
3. WHEN Coupon B is sold out OR expires, then Coupon C ….
(repeat up to 10 or 20 stacked coupons)

(this can be done on EventBrite for example) with discount codes. But I thought, perhaps “stacked coupons” would be an easy way for me to simulate dime-sales in wooCommerce.

This way, we can simulate DIME-SALES without a complicated dime-sale engine. Each coupon would “only display” when the previous coupon ran out. These stacked coupons would need to be grouped together and assigned to a product or a product bundle.

Unfortunately this is rather urgent for me. Would love to see this working as soon as possible.


Daniel Linstedt

Current Status


Last updated: July 21, 2023


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