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Tailwind prefix instead of parent selector

I love the fact that Smart Coupons is based on Tailwind, but I thought it would have made it easier to customize our coupon template by simply copying the coupon design template in our theme folder, but sadly it doesn’t work really well.

It’s simply because the Smart Coupons Tailwind styles are using the “important” feature with an ID (#sc-cc) which is applied on the parent of the coupon listing.

If I try to simply copy the “promotion” style in our theme, I don’t have access to the ID. I can copy the “print-coupons-default.php” template as well and remove the ID, but if I do that, the base styles of the plugin are completely removed which isn’t what I’m looking for either because I just want to start from the promotion.php template and change a few Tailwind classes here and there.

The ideal situation would have been for you to simply use the “prefix” option instead: That way, I can use Tailwind easily without fighting a parent container or too specific selectors.




Current Status


Last updated: December 18, 2022


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