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Teams for Memberships to support subscription switching

To allow subscription switching for Teams for Memberships


Current Status


Last updated: April 28, 2020


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  1. Alex says:

    Yes, I think this needs more work. My use case:

    I have a subscription variation plan that sells seats in blocks of 10. But the price is progressively cheaper for each additional block of ten. For example 1-10 = $100; 11-20 = $160 and so on.

    Currently, if a user wants to upgrade from 10 to 11 under Teams they have to buy a second block of 10 at the original price of $100 each block – so rather than having say 20 seats for $160, now they have 2 x 1 – 10 seats at $200. End user not happy and wants only to pay for the $160.

    But Teams wants to bill them for each block of ten, rather than upgrade them to the next subscription amount. So – one would think, it would be easy to simply upgrade the subscription plan instead.

    In the My Account section, a Team Owner clicks on Subscriptions and then the Upgrade / Downgrade button and then they go through a new subscription process. Everything is fine – even the cart shows the subtotal as a Pro-Rated Upgrade cost.

    Except it is not fine …. because TEAMS sees this as a new team and none of the existing members from the original Team are passed across – which is an admin nightmare because you would have to somehow merge the two together.

    Put simply: Teams should allow an end user to upgrade to the next subscription variation in the My Account section

  2. jdh says:

    Currently, a new team must be created to switch a subscription. This is indeed unfortunate, especially with a large team. Just ran into this limitation yesterday. šŸ™

    Related to this is the issue around team creation being part of the purchase process. There should be an option to name/manage a team after ‘purchase’ instead of during purchase (which is what we’ve setup).