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Allow customers to book appointments, make reservations or rent equipment without leaving your site.

Time-based products?

I teach art classes in my studio and I use WooCommerce to allow for online enrollment/payment. Classes are offered at specific times, however, so when students sign-up they need to specify which scheduled instance of a class they’re purchasing (i.e.: Still Life Painting may be scheduled for Wednesdays in March, and Saturdays in May)

Currently, I’ve created a “product” for each class (ie: Still Life Painting, Portrait Drawing, etc), and manually add attributes for different scheduled instances (ie: Wednesdays in March, Saturdays in May). It works, but it’s clumsy, requiring me to update both my published studio schedule AND the product attributes separately. Sometimes I forget, or make a mistake, which results in confusion for my customers.

Some sort of scheduling system would be great, where I could add classes to the schedule, and those scheduled instances would be automatically added as attributes to the relevant “product” in the store. The ability to output a table displaying all scheduled instances of all classes, with start/end dates to display prominently on my site would also be necessary…

Is something like this doable?


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Last updated: March 25, 2013


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