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Updating the WooCommerce Status widget on the WordPress Dashboard

The WooCommerce Status widget visible on the WordPress dashboard is perhaps one of the most important tools for those managing an E-Commerce site.

It allows administrators to understand the current status of their site at a glance, whether we’re talking about the current day, month, or year.

This widget has remained unchanged for years and years. Why not bring it up to date?

It should be larger and, most importantly, provide more information, drawing from the recently updated statistics area in WooCommerce.

The useful information could include:
– Today’s sales *
– This month’s sales (already present) *
– This year’s sales *
– Orders received today *
– Orders received this month *
– Orders received this year *
– Top 3 highest converting referrals (WooCommerce now shows this information, so it would be useful to display it here as well)
– It would be fantastic to also show the number of unique visitors in a day, and thus display the ROI. This is what one expects from a site where we sell!

* = For each of these items, it would be very useful to display a small badge showing the percentage comparison with the previous day, month, or year. For example, it’s useful to know that today I’ve made 10% more sales compared to last year.

Thank you.



Current Status


Last updated: July 3, 2024


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