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UPS Surepost

I use Ground and Surepost with my business account and would like to see the Surepost option added.

Current Status


Last updated: August 27, 2019


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  1. Dan Shedd says:

    An interface to add custom services by service code would be great or, at the very least, a filter hook through which a developer can add custom services without modifying the core plugin.

  2. Nigel Teags says:

    Surepost would be a great addition to the UPS plugin. Everything else about it works perfectly for our needs, we would like to keep using the native plugin and not a third party.

  3. Don Coon says:

    I would like to echo the request for adding SurePost to the UPS Shipping Method plugin, thus allowing me to keep everything within native Woo plugins, avoiding a third party plugins.

    I have a client who wants to add SurePost, which forces me to ask them to purchase a third party plugin, just a few months after purchasing the Woo plugin. It’s an additional cost on top of moving away from a Woo plugin.

  4. Jennifer Reynolds says:

    YES please add SurePost to the UPS plugin.

  5. iKOR Labs says:

    Please add SurePost to the UPS service options. I’d much rather use the native plug-in than third-party, but we need SurePost as a shipping option.

  6. Ohava says:

    SurePost is highly requested by our clients to ensure the lowest rates are shown. We will need to replace or add yet another plugin to cover this.

  7. sandy p says:

    Please add SurePost. Disappointed so few comments here

  8. icrashrcfoam says:

    PLEASE add support for SurePost. I use SurePost daily to ship to customers.


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