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Variation Swatches and Photos

Show color and image swatches instead of dropdowns for variable products.


There are many tshirt companies who need these options.

The ability to allow people to order more than one shirt with varying shirt sizes. Meaning ordering 15 small blue shirts, plus 20 large green shirts, 10 medium yellow shirts, etc. This way the user doesn’t have to order one size and quantity and then have to order another color/size/quantity over again from scratch. Instead they can order them all at the same time.

In addition the color choices have to be at least 30 possible choices for the color of the shirt, about 15 colors for ink for the printing of the graphic to go on the shirt, and about 10 various sizes.

Also, it needs to have at the ability to display instructions such as prices based on quantities….meaning, if they buy one shirt it costs 9.95, if they buy 50 it costs 7.95, etc.

There isn’t a single plugin yet that does this. The bulk variation woo plugin only allows for 2 variations which isn’t enough.

Plus it would be great if there was a button that would allow to request a quote for buyers of large quantities.

I’d buy 9 of this plugin tomorrow.


Current Status


Last updated: February 9, 2018


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