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WooCommerce Additional Variation Images

by  Woo
Unlimited images for your product variations.

WC Additional Variation

When no additional variation images are selected then no additional images are shown, only the product image of the variation. Wouldn’t it be good if no additional images are set up that the product images from the gallery of the parent product are shown?


Current Status


Last updated: October 18, 2018


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  1. Tor says:

    Yes, I agree. Also, we should be able to choose if we want to show all of the main products gallery images AND all the additional images. Or just the additional images.

    The way it is now is very much NOT user friendly. If a product has a variation image, but no additional images, the gallery thumbnails just disappear with no way to get them back but refresh the page.

    Not good.

  2. Denis Smith says:

    This idea is smart.
    It needs to be implemented that way as well.
    It would save us a lot of effort.

  3. Guido Casati says:

    That’s what I am looking for!