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Woocommerce link with Xero to send a credit note to Xero on product refund

It would be good for Woocommerce to send a credit note to Xero automatically when a product or order is partially or fully refunded in WooCommerce.


Current Status


Last updated: August 15, 2019


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  1. Peter

    This can be done in the Xeroom WooCommerce to Xero plugin.

  2. colorcodk

    Could you please fix this. This is a major requirement in running an e-commerce store.

  3. Vicki

    i am surprised this hasn’t been solved, given that it’s a core function of ecommerce and for any site with reasonable traffic, there will be a signifcant number of refunds. could you please address it? thx

  4. FinanceManu

    Credit notes are part of accounting process, same as invoicing so I think it’s a major flaw from WooCommerce not to provide this document. I use other e-commerce platforms and there are no issues with credit notes.

  5. Rico

    I just realized this shortcoming on the Xero plugin as well. I am now testing Parex bridge which does support credit notes.

    However, i still wish the most official plug-in/integration would already take care of refunds and credit notes.

    The Woocommerce team should also make it obvious in their documentation.

  6. Shashank Kaushal

    You can use “woocommerce_order_refunded” action hook to perform the credit note creation operation over xero.

    get the order id and rufund id process the refund amount and create the xml for credit notes.

  7. Mert

    This definitely needs to be added as a feature, when I try to filter orders by “refunded” within woocommerce, it only shows me fully refunded orders, doesn’t show partially refunded orders, so it’s a time consuming process to find, open order, create credit note in Xero. If this could be automated, would save time and eliminate human error! Not sure how to achieve @Shashank’s suggestion?

  8. Lara

    Hi, if I process a partial refund in a Woo commerce order that is paid, in process and not completed will the refund/credit note get sent through to Xero once order is marked completed or will I have to generate a credit note in Xero manually and @Shashank will that bit of code help this if this is the case.

  9. Anonymous

    This should definitely be added. Can’t believe that it is not currently part of this integration. It is a core feature of WooCommerce and should be supported within the Xero extension plugin. At the moment, an accountant must manually raise a credit note – not a good solution considering how easy this would be to automate / implement within this plugin.