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Zapier New Status Trigger for Credit Note created in WooCommerce

We are using Zapier to connect up our new WooCommerce orders with Xero. We need WooCommerce to send a credit note to Xero when we do a full or partial refund to a customer order in WooCommerce (this happens a lot). Using Zapier we have tried switching the trigger to New Order Status Change that will get triggered is when the order is refunded, but it doesn’t include all the information we need for a refund. It just gives us the full order detail with a status “refunded” so it is not reading across the information as a refund.

It would be great if you could develop a webhook only when an order is refunded and if that hook can contain the refund information.?Then we can could use the Webhook > Catch Webhook trigger step to start the Zap.


Current Status


Last updated: September 6, 2019


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