Partner Day
Europe 2024

Partner Day Europe 2024
Partner Day Europe 2024

What to expect

We’re excited to invite our valued partners for a full day and evening of celebration, collaboration, and connection in beautiful Turin, Italy. Our agenda will include engaging speakers, collaborative sessions, and opportunities to connect with the team.


Wednesday, June 12, 2024
(ahead of WordCamp Europe 2024)


mid-morning to late evening
(exact schedule TBD)


Heritage Hub
Via Plava, 80
10135 Torino, TO, Italy

More details to come soon!

The day’s schedule:

Silu Modi Talk Talk Talk

Beau Lebens Talk Talk Talk

Web Griebel Talk Talk Talk

Silu Modi Talk Talk Talk

Meet our esteemed speakers

Silu Modi

often mistaken for George Clooney (they’re shockingly not related), Director on the Woo Payments Partnerships team.

Beau Lebens

avid cyclist and cocktail drinker/maker, also Woo’s Head of Engineering, Platform and Product.

Web Griebel

sailor/boater and full-time superhero to his household pet, also the Head of Payment Partnerships

Colleen Harrison

hot yoga warrior who finds her zen amidst data storms and uncovering the secrets hidden within numbers, also Woo’s Partner Marketing Lead.

Roslyn Lavery

collector of hobbies, often upside down, connecting systems in unexpected ways, also our Partner Program Lead.

Aleksandra Bettin

butler to a toddler, rider to a Ducati, fan of Michelin star cuisine, also our VP of Strategic Partnerships.

Tamara Niesen

slope shredder, birdie-chasing golfer, part-time chauffeur to her pint-sized hockey pros, also our new Chief Marketing Officer.

Travis Lima

WooCommerce Wizard by day, superhero dad to two lively lads by night, Woo’s trusted Customer Success Manager.

Days until Woo Partner Day Europe

Woo’s guide to Turin

With history stretching back over 2,000 years, modern Turin is a lush and dynamic center of innovation. The heart of the city is immersed in greenery, with over 300 km of tree-lined avenues and parks, leading to the enchanting Western Alps.

Check out our recommendations to make the most of your time in Turin:


Travel tips

Visa information

Learn, share, and explore

Partner Day is a unique opportunity for invaluable face time, exclusive insights, and focused strategic sessions sure to spark new and exciting ideas.


Where should I stay?

The event will take place in central Turin (exact location to be confirmed). We recommend you look at the WordCamp Europe hotel recommendations, or look for a hotel in the city center.

When should I arrive/depart?

The Partner Day event will take place from mid-morning until late evening on June 12, 2024. We’re still confirming the exact schedule, but we suggest you arrive by June 11 so you don’t miss anything on June 12. We highly encourage you to stick around for WordCamp Europe June 13–15 (we will!), but all Partner Day programming will wrap up the evening of June 12. 

I RSVP’d yes! When should I book travel for the event?

Fabulous, we can’t wait to see you! Go ahead and book your travel whenever it’s most convenient to you.

I can’t attend — can I send someone else from my company instead?

We’re so sorry you can’t make it. This invite is intended specifically for you, but please reach out to your Woo Partner Manager if you feel someone else on your team would be a good fit.

What should I expect for the day?

Partner Day EU will include talks and sessions from the Woo leadership and partner teams, dedicated time for you to connect with our team and other partners, and, dare we say it, fun! 

Will I have time to schedule my own meetings or take a break during the event?

Please plan to be with us for the entire day! We’ll share more details about the schedule soon, but due to the busy agenda, you won’t have time to return to your hotel or schedule separate meetings during the event.

Is this event part of WordCamp Europe?

Partner Day EU is separate from WordCamp Europe. However, the WordPress community is incredibly important to us, and we intentionally scheduled them together so that you can take advantage of both opportunities! Check out the WordCamp Europe site for more information and to purchase your ticket.

Why is my date of birth required?

The event venue requires a date of birth for all attendees. Don’t worry; we won’t sing for you if it’s your birthday, and we won’t share this personal information elsewhere!

What should I wear?

Whatever makes you comfortable. If you want additional guidance, the dress code is casual. And remember to check the weather forecast!

What should I bring??

Beyond whatever necessities make you feel comfortable, there’s no need to bring anything, even a laptop. We’ll provide everything needed.

How should I get around town?

Torino is well connected, with an established public transport system, car sharing, and bike and scooter sharing. We recommend planning in advance and ride-sharing if you’re coming with a colleague.

Have a question that isn’t answered below? Please let us know at partners@woocommerce.com