AutomateWoo 4.9

Written by jconroy on April 16, 2020 News, Product News.

I’m excited to announce version 4.9 of AutomateWoo will be dropping this week! This release includes a number of new features and fixes to improve your experience with AutomateWoo.

Minimizing workflow delays

AutomateWoo processes many triggers asynchronously which means they are separated from the main event and slightly delayed. This helps speed up complex processes like the checkout and subscription renewals.

The problem with this approach is it relies on WP Cron to run the delayed events. This typically takes around two minutes but on some hosting platforms this take even longer.

Having workflows run two or more minutes late is not ideal in some situations. For example, when you want a customer to receive an email instantly after they do something. It also makes the process of testing workflows much slower.

With the release of AutomateWoo 4.8 in December we made significant performance improvements to our events processor and can now eliminate the async workflow delay by enabling instant event dispatching on all stores by default. You can find more about how this works in our documentation.

Usage Tracking

When WooCommerce Usage Tracking is enabled AutomateWoo will now include configuration and usage information in the data sent to WooCommerce to allow us to create a better user experience in future updates.

By choosing to share your data, you’re helping us make AutomateWoo better for everyone. For details about what data is shared and opt-in settings, please refer to WooCommerce Usage Tracking.

New Order Line Item rules

To provide additional flexibility to customers who use workflows that target specific order line items we have have added some new order line item rules.

  • Order Line Item – Product
  • Order Line Item – Subtotal
  • Order Line Item – Tax Total
  • Order Line Item – Total

New subscription.payment_count Variable

We were surprised to find that we didn’t already have this variable. Now we do. Use this new variable to display the current subscription payment counts directly within your workflow emails.

Other changes

We also included a number of smaller improvements and fixes in this release. The full list:

  • New – An error message will be added to the workflow log when there are no valid email recipients.
  • New – Added debug logging for ActiveCampaign. This can be enabled using the AUTOMATEWOO_ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_DEBUG constant.
  • Tweak – Abandoned cart timeout minimum is now 5 minutes.
  • Tweak – Updated to use Bitly API version 4.
  • Tweak – Improved trigger descriptions for all background processed triggers.
  • Fix – Correctly default to the visual editor when editing email content.
  • Fix – Updated the order.cross_sells and order.related_products variables to ensure only published products are displayed and that they are able to display subscription products.
  • Fix – Ensure tax labels are hidden when taxes are disabled in WC settings.

Ready to update?

As this is a large plugin update, we recommend you test and/or monitor any workflows that are critical to your store after updating. If you think you’ve found a bug, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Got feedback? We’re listening. Head over to and let us know how we could make AutomateWoo even better.

Thank you for using AutomateWoo!