Introducing developer blogs for Themes & Plugins

Written by James Koster on June 2, 2014 Blog.


Late last year we announced the launch of the WooCommerce developer blog which has grown in to a fantastic resource for WooCommerce developers.

A place to get detailed information on development decisions and new releases is invaluable ao we’ve decided to roll out similar blogs to cover other products in our offering.

Develop Themes

At the theme development blog Team Theme will be posting about a variety of subjects:

  • Major releases to our most popular themes
  • WooFramework evolution
  • UI/UX decisions in our themes
  • General technical direction

The first post there covers several of these topics in the release of Canvas 5.7.0.

View the theme development blog

Develop Plugins

Following in the footsteps of the WooCommerce and Theme development blogs, the plugin development blog will be focused on delivering the same micro-updates as and when we release new plugin versions. It’s a great blog to follow if you’re running several of our plugins on your site(s) as you’ll be able to get the lowdown on all releases in one place before performing any updates.

We’ll also use this blog to promote passive developer resources relating to our plugins –  things like tutorials, FAQ’s and general best practise tips & tricks etc.

View the plugin development blog

Why more separate blogs?

If we posted all the theme & plugin related content we wanted to on this blog it would soon get out of hand. Having smaller satellite blogs gives us the freedom to post the smaller (but still very relevant) posts that would feel out of place on our main blog. More importantly it gives you, our customers a great way to get a holistic view of the large amount of work that goes in to product development at WooThemes, and find justification of the development decisions we’ve made.

How do I subscribe?

In the sidebar of each blog is a section where you can subscribe by email. Doing so will give you daily updates of any posts, delivered directly to your inbox.

See you on the Themes and Plugins blogs!


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    Thanks James for the posts.