Announcing WooConf 2016 (and the Golden Ticket competition!)

Written by Marina Pape on December 18, 2015 Blog, News.

After much anticipation, we’re thrilled to announce our second conference dedicated to all things WooCommerce, WooConf.

Our team is now running full steam ahead with planning for April 6-8 in Austin, Texas. It’s going to be a great one, and we hope we get to see many of you there.

WooConf 2016 is coming. Join us?
WooConf 2016 is coming. Join us?

If you’re new to WooConf, we’re keen to give you an introduction. We’ll also explain how you can win an all-expenses-paid pass to the conference, our coveted Golden Ticket.

What is WooConf?

WooConf is our annual conference designed to help store owners, WordPress developers and eCommerce experts master the art of WooCommerce.

We’ve got some recaps from last year’s conference that you can peek at here and here.

This year, WooConf will consist of two days of talks, workshops and networking between April 6-7. We’ll also have a separate day set aside for developer-focused talks and networking on the final day, April 8.

Curious to know more? Have a look at the full agenda here. You can also see all the speakers we’ve announced here, with plenty more to come.

Announcing the Golden Ticket competition: your chance to come to WooConf on us

Just like last WooConf, we are running a competition in which one lucky WooCommerce customer from anywhere in the world can win a Golden Ticket to the event. This special ticket pays for everything, including flights, accommodation and a conference pass.

Last year, Sinisa from OVER Clothing beat out over 2,000 entries and joined us in San Francisco as our lucky winner. Perhaps this time it will be you?

Want the Golden Ticket? There's only one winner, and only one way to win.
Want the Golden Ticket? There’s only one winner, and only one way to win.

To enter, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Create a 15 second video showing and telling us what you’re doing with WooCommerce, and why you should be at WooConf.
  2. Share the video on Instagram — be sure to mention @WooCommerce and use the hashtag #WooConf so everyone can see it.
  3. That’s it, you’re all entered!

With these three simple steps, the Golden Ticket could be yours.

To reiterate, here’s a helpful video from our own Ryan:

We know it’s only 15 seconds of video, but we bet you can make them count.

Entries will close on January 8, so you should aim to get your videos in by then. After that, we’ll hand-pick finalists from all the entries, set up conference calls with them, and then finally decide on the winner. Here’s a flashback to last year’s shortlist, just for reference.

The winner will then be announced on, giving you ample time to shower them in congratulations. They may also be asked to speak about their successes at the conference, or given some space for a case study on our blog, too.

Not the Golden Ticket winner? Don’t despair: tickets go on sale next month

If you don’t win the Golden Ticket, you’re not out of luck. WooConf tickets will go on sale next month, and early bird pricing will be available.

The best way to stay up to date on tickets is to sign up for email updates on the WooConf website. We’ll drop you a note when the first batch of tickets becomes available.

Aiming to keep your inbox tidy? You can also look out for updates on Twitter by following @WooConf.

April can’t come soon enough

We’re thrilled to be doing this again, and hope to see a great many of you in Austin come April.

Keep an eye on the WooConf site for updates over the next few weeks. If you have any questions about WooConf or the Golden Ticket competition in the meantime, we’re always open to hearing them in the comments.

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