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Use A/B Testing for WooCommerce to seamlessly run server-side A/B Tests. The extension supports product price tests and shipping price tests, and integrates with Google Optimize for easy tracking and analysis.

Key Benefits

Boost sales by getting answers to key questions for your business — and use real numbers to back you up.

  • What is the optimal price point for a newly released product?
  • Will you get more orders if you discount all of your products by 10%?
  • Will you receive more overall revenue if you increase all of your product prices by 15%?
  • Will you get more orders if you offer free shipping?
  • Will you receive more overall revenue if you increase your Flat Rate price?

The A/B Testing for WooCommerce extension lets your run the tests that give you these answers, so you can make informed business decisions that add to your bottom line.

Main Features

  • Run WooCommerce Shipping Tests to compare your current shipping options with free, free with minimum value, and flat rate tests.
  • Run WooCommerce Price Tests to compare your current product price with an increase or decrease in price for all your products, products in specific categories, and individual products.
  • Track and analyze test results using Google Optimize and Google Analytics services.

A/B Tests

The A/B Tests modify the core functionality of WooCommerce by displaying different experiences to different visitors.  Each unique visitor will be “cookied” into the test or control so they will only view one consistent experience, without being aware of the other experience.

With the help of Google Optimize, the test and control behavior is tracked and we can select a clear winner in terms of a performance goal (typically conversion rate).  If the test performed better than the control then we can implement that change across the website, alternatively the control performed better and no change is needed.  A final result is that the test did not yield a clear winner therefore we can either test for a longer period of time or accept that the test had little impact on visitor’s behavior.


Minimum WooCommerce version: 3.0.0
Minimum WordPress version: 4.9
Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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