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BluePay Payment Gateway

Developed by WooCommerce
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BluePay Payment Gateway

Developed by WooCommerce

Information & Requirements

  • This extension requires an SSL Certificate to be installed on your site to ensure your customer's credit card details are safe.
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BluePay Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

BluePay is a gateway plugin that extends WooCommerce and allows you to accept payments via BluePay Credit Card gateway and BluePay ECheck. Each payment option acts as a separate payment gateway, but connects to the same BluePay account.

BluePay Credit Card

With the BluePay credit card gateway your customers are prompted for their credit card details, and BluePay handles the authorization and settlement.

BluePay ECheck

With the BluePay Echeck gateway your customers are prompted for the routing number and account number of their US-Based checking or savings account. The information is sent to BluePay and an ACH payment is setup that will settle in 3-5 business days.

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