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Bulk Category Editor allows you to work efficiently with categories. You can easily add, update, or delete categories in bulk and use functions like search and replace (regex). The plugin comes with an inline table editor that let you make changes and save all in one step. In addition, the plugin has a great bulk features for adding, changing, or deleting categories on products.

Need a product filter for your store? This extension include: categories, search, price and attributes filters for your store. It is simple to customize in the product filter tab in the extension. A shortcode (with an ID) is created automatically for you to copy and paste into your templates. Change the labels, font sizes, colours, layout, hide categories, and more to make the filter your own.


  • Bulk functions like
    • Add, update and remove categories
    • Add and delete category images
  • Search and replace (regex) functions
  • Table editor for fast inline edits
    • Color coding for subcategories
    • Hide description (make it easier to find categories)
    • Filter by category or search (filter) in table or database
    • See category ID and product count (including link to products) – NEW
  • Bulk add, replace and remove categories on products
  • Product filters, includes categories, search and attributes (frontend filters for your store)
    • Set colours, labels, sizes, layout and more
    • Search in products
    • Exclude categories (alter queries)
    • Filter by categories and attributes (or combined)
    • Price range filter
    • Toggle attributes (expand / collapse lists)
    • Works with Elementor and other
  • Import and export functions – NEW
  • Ready to translate (includes POT file) – default English

Category Editor

For stores with a modest number of categories, the default category page is frequently acceptable, but what if your site has hundreds of product categories? The Bulk Category Editor’s unique interface presents your product categories in a table style, giving you a bird’s eye perspective of all your data. In a matter of seconds, you may see and update category names, details, imagery, and slug information. Subcategory colour coding and the ability to hide descriptions make it simple to identify and change your categories.

Quickly Add New Product Categories

With the Bulk Category Editor for WooCommerce, you can bulk add categories directly from within the extension dashboard. Simply enter a category name and description, select the parent category (if any) and upload a unique image. If you want to bulk create categories, use the last row in the table, select a parent category (optional) and enter your category names. 

Set Categories on Your Products

Restructure your product categories easy using the ‘Move Products’ feature. 

Bulk set, add or remove categories to products 

Need to add multiple products to a category? Select the product category you want to edit, refine your selection using the filter in the “Products” tab, select the new category assignment and click  “Add Categories.” In seconds, you would’ve assigned a new category to multiple products. A progress bar will display to alert you that the products are being reassigned. Click a category in the category list on a product to remove. NEW

Bulk Category Editor, move products

Replace and Remove Categories

As well as adding categories, with Bulk Category Editor, you can also replace and remove categories in bulk. Select the categories you want to edit, refine your selection and select the new category to replace the old, or select the category you wish to remove. This feature is great for quickly reassigning products that fall into the Uncategorized category by default.

Product Filters

Create category and attributes filters to use in your frontend shop templates. The product filters it is easy to add, update and remove in Bulk Category Editor (admin). You can set font sizes, colours, labels, layout, exclude(hide) categories, queries (settings) and a lot more. When you have created a filter, just click the shortcode and it is copied, then just paste it in your shop templates (i.e your theme shop page, sidebar widget or use it with i.e Elementor (shortcodes)).

Product filter for Bulk Category Editor


Create Your Filter

Bulk Category Editor - product filters - frontend

The filter editor let you change titles/labels, font sizes, colours, buttons, box layout, exclude categories and much more. Please look at the documentation for more information.

Import And Export Categories

Importing and exporting categories with Bulk Category Editor can save you time and effort, especially if you’re managing multiple WooCommerce stores. Instead of manually adding or updating categories in each store, simply create a .csv file and import it into the plugin.

The benefits don’t stop there – you can also use the export feature to quickly create a backup of your categories or move them to another store. Plus, with the ability to edit categories in a spreadsheet program, you can easily make changes in bulk and then import the file, saving you even more time.

Bulk Category Editor - import and export

More About the Category Functions

View and Manage Nested Categories

Perfect for online stores with an extensive product portfolio, with Bulk Category Editor, you’ll get a clear picture of all of the categories in your store. With a quick glance, you’ll be able to see and manage all of the nested categories in your store.

Easily Change Text Using the Built-In Search and Replace Function

Need to change a word or phrase in several categories? The Bulk Category Editor for WooCommerce helps you bulk change categories thanks to a handy search and replace function. Select the Search and Replace function, enter the text you wish to change and specify the text that should replace it. Clicking the ‘Do’ button will automatically replace the text across all categories. Use this feature to replace or remove text when bulk products import with incorrect naming conventions or unnecessary text. 

Add Text to Category Listings in Seconds

If you’d like to add a word or phrase to a product category, the ‘Add text before’ or ‘Add text after’ function lets you do just that! Enter the word you’d like to add text before or after and all listings with the respective word will appear. Specify the text you’d like to add before or after the word and hit ‘Do’ to preview the updated listings.

Extend the Category Description Box for Lengthy Text

Detailed, SEO-optimized category descriptions will help your store display favourably in search engines. If you have a lengthy category description, drag the bottom right corner of the text area box to give you more space to enter a long description. With the Bulk Category Editor for WooCommerce, you can bulk add categories directly from within the extension dashboard. Simply enter a category name and description, select the parent category (if any) and upload a unique image.

Stress Less With the Bulk Save Feature

Don’t worry about hitting ‘Save’ every step of the way. As you work, the extension will register which rows have been edited, marking these rows with a tick in the checkbox. As soon as you click one of the two ‘Save Changes’ buttons, every row that has been edited will save at once.

View and Edit Category Featured Images

With this extension for WooCommerce, you can bulk edit product images directly from the dashboard. Not only does Bulk Category Editor’s interface let you view the featured images related to your categories—great for keeping track of multiple rows of products—but it also lets you add, replace or delete images without leaving the dashboard. Option to bulk set and remove category images – NEW

Use the Filter Function to Quickly Sort Through Categories

Great for online stores with a multitude of categories, the category filter lets you sort and specify categories to edit. Enter a word or phrase related to a category and it’ll automatically begin filtering as you type. You can search for a name, category, description or slug using the filter function.


  • Bulk edit categories functions like:
    • Search and replace
    • Add text before or after name, description or slug
    • Undo / redo functions
  • Add categories in bulk or single
  • Delete categories in bulk
  • Search filters on category, name, description and slug
  • Search in database for categories (option Table or Database)
  • Select category filter
  • Sort categories
  • Set parent categories and display types in bulk
  • Add, update or delete category images
    • Bulk update / delete category images
  • Table editor for fast inline edits
  • Hide category description
  • Colors showing subcategories
  • Move products:
    • Filter categories
    • Filter by products (name, SKU, categories and tags)
    • Product table with key values like: ID, name, SKU, tags, price, on sale, product type and categories
    • Bulk move (set) categories to products
    • Bulk add categories to products
    • Bulk remove categories to products
    • Click a category in the product list to remove. NEW
  • Category and attributes filters (product filter in your shop)
    • Use in your shop templates (shortcode with just ID)
    • Easily set font size, labels, colors, layout and much more
    • Exclude categories (in filter and query)
    • Search in products
    • Hide attributes filter
    • Price range filter
  • Import and export functions (.csv) – NEW
  • Paging and search for categories and products
  • POT file for easy translations (default language: English)


Bulk Category Editor is compatible with:


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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